2 cars, 1 wheelchair, 7 children, 4 states - Creating Moments Road Trip

in us for the good, bad and WT?!? moments as we travel from Brisbane to Adelaide for Christmas and then back again in 2021.

Post 2 - Friday, 18th December 2020

600ish kilometres travelled

Departed Chermside West 7:05am

Arrived Narrabri 6:00pm

Let me start this again.

I went to bed last night with one travelling event left to write about because I was exhausted and I knew that my body clock would wake me up early this morning for me to finish. This is the first time I am using the Blog feature on our website and I did realise that it is all well and good to keep saving it as I go but if you don't press 'Publish as Draft' It doesn't save.

Shortened version of the events of yesterday

- we departed on time

- car was leaking and we could smell something burning

- ran out of petrol

- discovered there has been an outbreak in NSW

- got stuck at a petrol station in a very intense thunder storm

- arrived safely in Narrabri

Thursday night Caitlin and I went and watched A Christmas Carol at QPAC. We got home late so I told Paul that I have changed our plans, we are leaving at 7am instead of 5am. Peak hour traffic shouldn't be that bad and regardless, it is what it is because I was NOT getting up at 4am. The kids were troopers and we left 5 minutes after our revised plan.

I just wanted to loop back to the night prior. Caitlin and I had dinner at The Squire before the show, it's a great place to go. However, there was a young man like Jack and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. His smile was absolutely beautiful and I was mesmerised by watching their interactions. There was a couple and I could not tell which one was his sibling. I knew they were a couple because they were holding holds and kissing so they were NOT siblings. This man was the centre of their conversation, the centre of their interaction and it was obvious that he was very much loved in his family. Being an outsider, I could even see the looks on peoples faces as they passed him and they were not how I see people passing us. A couple of people did a double looked but most looked with a hint of a smile.

Toowoomba QLD

I pulled into the first service station we came to so I could work out where we were going to have breakfast. I got out of the car and I could smell something burning coming from the back right wheel. I did a walk around and it was only coming from that corner. At that point, Paul in car 2 arrived and made their way over to see what was going on. There was a puddle behind the wheel and it was getting bigger even though the car was turned off and the burning smell was gone. After a few head scratches, Paul opened the boot to see something was leaking from the inside. At this point Bradley learned that before you put ice in an esky (or before you put it in the car with the intent of putting ice in it at the first stop), you need to make sure the plug is in. The esky was leaking onto the exhaust causing it to smell like something is burning and the puddle, well, it was the overflow from the puddle forming inside.

Crisis 1 - solved

Goondiwindi QLD

We had about 20 stops around Millmerran for the younger girls who were bored and complaining that we didn't realise this was the last town before Goondiwindi. At least I think we were in Millmerran when we had this conversation because I have no idea what we were doing or why we were stopped that time but the conversation basically went...

I'm not stopping again for fuel now, we will get it in the next town otherwise we will never leave. Both cars were just under half a tank. Done, see you in Goondiwindi.

... sigh, we were both rolling in on fumes and I did not make it. I was about 500kms away (because I missed a turn off as I was watching the fuel gage and the 'kms to empty' disappeared entirely. It is a new car and I had no idea of what it's limits were. I either felt the dreaded chugging of a car running out of fuel or it was the trailer causing a bit of kick as we were going over some bumps. Either way, I pulled over and yelled at Paul to just go, at least get one of the cars there and come back for us after.

So heroic of me right?

I told Paul that seeing as he is the one in the photo, this was another moment to add to his growing pile. He was not impressed with this but it made for a great photo AND we didn't require our dear mother to come and rescue us, we could manage this one all on our own. Grown Up Goals!!

Day 1 - to be continued as we need to get on the road and I am starting to get the hurry up. Thanks for following along on our adventure



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