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The Aurelian Project

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Get to Know Us

We are three Social Work students from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), who are on placement with Jack's Butterflies Organisation. Through this organisation and the Aurelian Project, our aims are to spread awareness on the impact of rare diseases, hear from families directly who are impacted by the rare disease, and provide recommendations that the organisation can utilise to fill in the gaps in current services, to provide the necessary supports catered towards the families' specific needs. 



Hello there! My journey began in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where I was born to Sudanese parents, and recently I've established Australia as my new home. My heart led me to embark on this fresh path with the intent of making a positive impact, particularly on refugees and asylum seekers.  In a world that occasionally struggles to comprehend their experiences, I hope to play a significant part in reshaping that narrative. 


  • Has a passion in Hip-Hop music 

  • Painting

  • Reading 

Motto & Quote

  • "live and let live."

  • We must respect each other's differences in order to live in harmony, regardless of how unfamiliar they may seem to us! 


I’m in my first year of Master of Social Work and Social work is my passion, and I'm dedicated to helping others and fostering community well-being.  Working with Jack's Butterflies is a truly inspirational journey for me, and I aim to contribute my wholehearted dedication to supporting families and individuals while spreading the wings of hope and positivity throughout their unique life paths.


  • Playing & Curling up with cats

  • Reading Crime & Thriller Novels

Motto & Quote

  • my easy-going nature allows me to savor every precious moment of life, as I firmly believe in the beauty and significance that each day holds.




I'm in my fourth year of a double bachelor's degree of Psychology and Social work. The start of my social work journey was due to having a lived experience of learning how to care for a family member with a disability. Thus my passion lays in wanting to extend a helping hand that focuses on empowerment and advocacy for those in need. So far, working with Jack's Butterflies has furthered my learning and knowledge into the gaps in services and the healthcare system of Australia.


  • Reading

  • Travelling (Favourite place: Italy)

  • Playing with my beagle (hunter) 

Motto & Quote

  • "A Regret is born by a life not lived"

  • living in the present, creates the fondest memories

Candy Cotton

"Life isn't a matter of milestones,
but of moments"

Rose F Kennedy

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